UJ Institute for the Future of Knowledge

Work of the Future

14h00 - 16h00
8 December 2023

Webinar: Claiming your place in the Knowledge Economy – Leveraging the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In the last two decades, technology and information have combined to create innovation and new efficiencies worldwide. Experts argue that opportunities created by the Knowledge Economy are unique to each country as they are steeped in each place’s history, culture, environment, potential and resources. Technologies linked to the fourth industrial revolution have become critical in fostering positive socio-economic development in disadvantaged communities in the Global South, particularly in South Africa. The webinar addresses the question, “How do South African entrepreneurs position themselves to take advantage of the opportunities created by the Knowledge Economy within the era of the fourth industrial revolution?”

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Head of the Work of the Future


Malembe Mtsweni

Acting Senior Manager: Incubation, Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA)


Online via Zoom

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