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1, 8 and 15 August 2023

Democratising Knowledge: The Politics and Economics of Knowledge Production and Consumption

This series delves into the dynamic landscape of knowledge accessibility, exploring the intricate interplay between politics, economics, and knowledge production and consumption. The seminars will address the challenges researchers, academics, and students in Africa and the Global South encounter when accessing scholarly journals, analysing the underlying barriers and proposing inclusive solutions to foster a more equitable research landscape. Additionally, the series will examine the racial inequalities embedded in academic publishing and the transformative efforts of the Peer Community In (PCI), which champions inclusivity and open access. This series will further explore the possibilities of democratising knowledge and transforming traditional publishing practices within the complex dynamics of politics and economics.

PART 1: Barriers to Accessing Journals in Africa and the Global South – Recording available here
PART 2: Racial Inequalities in Journals – Recording available here
PART 3: Lessons from the Peer Community in (PCI) – Recording available here

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Hybrid Format: Zoom and Physical

Physical Location: Nadine Gordimer Auditorium, Level 5, UJ’s Auckland Park, Kingsway Campus Library

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