UJ Institute for the Future of Knowledge

Higher education in South Africa still for a select few

Co-authored by Dr Anthony Kaziboni, Head of Research at the Institute for the Future of Knowledge

To redress past injustices, colonialism and apartheid, the newly established democratic South African state listed access to education as a constitutional right. Black South Africans had been racially excluded from access to basic social services and rights, like education, by the racist states. This further relegated the masses to poverty in perpetuity.

Education is a crucial determinant of upward social mobility. In the new South Africa, people’s access to education significantly influences their life chances and those of their offspring. Higher education places people in a position to seek higher-income jobs. The systematic exclusion of black people from accessing higher education on the basis of affordability limits transformation in society. In addition, it undermines the social fabric on which the constitution is founded on equality.


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