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Water Scarcity in South Africa – Who Wins and Who Loses

85/86: 23-25

All discussions about water scarcity in South Africa begin by telling us that the county is water scarce. It’s the 39th driest country in the world and, due to el niños and el niñas, droughts and floods have become distinctive features of the climate. They have become more intense due to climate change. Drought has devastated several provinces, including Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the Eastern, Northern and Western Capes. Failing crops increase the urgency of changing to drought-resistant ones, livestock is dying and freshwater resources like rivers and streams are drying up. In urban areas, huge populations in cities and towns face crises when the dams (bulk water) that serve them run dry. It is not just Day Zero in Cape Town, but globally. Other cities like São Paulo and the entire south-west of the US are facing the same devastating challenge.

Kaziboni, A and Galvin, M

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