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Fractional-Order Dynamics of Chagas-HIV Epidemic Model with Different Fractional Operators

AIMS Mathematics
Volume 7, 2022 – Issue 10


In this research, we reformulate and analyze a co-infection model consisting of Chagas and
HIV epidemics. The basic reproduction number R0 of the proposed model is established along with
the feasible region and disease-free equilibrium point E0. We prove that E0 is locally asymptotically
stable when R0 is less than one. Then, the model is fractionalized by using some important fractional
derivatives in the Caputo sense. The analysis of the existence and uniqueness of the solution along withUlam-Hyers stability is established. Finally, we solve the proposed epidemic model by using a novel
numerical scheme, which is generated by Newton polynomials. The given model is numerically solved
by considering some other fractional derivatives like Caputo, Caputo-Fabrizio and fractal-fractional
with power law, exponential decay and Mittag-Leffler kernels.

Rahat, Z, Khan, A, Kumar, P and Humphries, UW.

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