UJ Institute for the Future of Knowledge

Data Science Across Disciplines

12:30 - 14:00
Thursday 17 June 2021

Webinar: AI with MATLAB – From First Steps to a Bitcoin Volatility Forecast Problem

In this webinar, an Opti-Num Solutions/MathWorks team introduced machine learning with MATLAB – a computing platform widely used by engineers and scientists. They applied a variety of machine learning techniques, with a focus on applying an ensemble of regression trees, to illustrate forecasting the 10-day volatility of Bitcoin. This illustration demonstrated the simplicity of implementing a MATLAB workflow to solving a complete machine learning problem, consisting of data acquisition, preprocessing, model building and validation. Additionally, the facilitators shared sites to access learning tools for MATLAB programming and Machine Learning. The lecture was given by Hazel Chieza, a graduate engineer at Opti-Num Solutions, and Dr. Marco Rossi is EDU Customer Success Engineer at MathWorks.

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