UJ Institute for the Future of Knowledge

Data Science Across Disciplines

12:30 - 14:00
Monday 29 March 2021

Webinar: Robot of Robots – Hyperautomation for the 4IR

Using robots to build other robots that automate software production may seem like an unnecessary idea at first. However, this talk shed light on how “Robots of Robots” thinking can be a very powerful way to unlock hyper-automation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The webinar explored how this approach effectively mitigates the traditional pitfalls of one layer of automation, and explored consequences that were not immediately obvious, such as disposable automation and avoiding sentimentality. The meeting also considered how three areas of thought, Hyper Automation, Intelligent Composable Business, and AI Engineering, can come together to produce an interesting convergence of thinking. The speaker was Luke Machowski, a Specialist Product Architect at Synthesis Software Technologies (Pty) Ltd, since 2014.

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